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    Iron Man

    In the latest edition of Ref Watch, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher assesses the key incidents from the weekend’s games, including a contentious spot-kick at Villa Park on Super Sunday…

    Aston Villa 0-2 Tottenham

    Matty Cash brings down Harry Kane for Spurs penalty 0:47
    Harry Kane was brought down in the Aston Villa box by Matty Cash, the England striker picked himself up and dispatched the penalty to seal a 2-0 win for Tottenham in the Premier League.

    INCIDENT: A penalty is awarded after Matty Cash brings down Harry Kane in the box in Tottenham’s clash with Aston Villa.

    DERMOT’S VERDICT: Correct decision, penalty.

    DERMOT SAYS: It is a foul, there is no doubt about that. The only question is whether the ball is still in play when the foul is made. You look and the answer is “yes”, so therefore it is a penalty.

    You are going to say to me that Kane is the wrong side of the ball, but that does not stop Cash from sliding in. He does not have to make that challenge. But once he commits to that challenge, he has to win that ball and he quite clearly does not.

    I do not think he [Kane] initiates the contact, what he has done is he has protected the ball, he has put his body between the defender and the ball. And Cash does not have to make that challenge, but once he slides in like that, the only certainty is he has to get the ball and without doubt he does not get the ball.

    Then the next question, is the ball in play? Well, when you look, the ball is in play, it was checked by the Video Assistant Referee, it has to be a penalty.

    preview image 2:48
    FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Tottenham’s win over Aston Villa.

    SUE SMITH’S VERDICT: This is another one of those where you can see it from both sides. If the penalty is given, you can see why it was given, I thought it was cute from Kane and I was thinking, “Has the ball just gone out of play?” But obviously it was checked by the VAR and it had not.

    So it was clever. Cash made the wrong decision in sliding in, it then gives the referee a decision to make, he mistimed his tackle and he does catch his foot.

    So I’m probably more on the side of yes it was a penalty, but it was such a difficult call.

    Harry Kane
    Harry Kane
    Harry Kane
    Harry Kane
    Harry Kane

    STEPHEN WARNOCK’S VERDICT: The issue for me and being a former full back, I can see exactly what Cash is trying to do. He is not actually trying to tackle Kane, he is trying to prevent the cross coming in, he is trying to block it and it is the trailing leg that ends up going through.

    And that is the frustrating part of it, with people saying it is not a penalty as Kane does not have control of the ball. But when you see where Cash is in relation to the ball, he is actually nowhere near it.

    West Ham 3-3 Arsenal

    INCIDENT: Jarrod Bowen doubles West Ham’s lead on Sunday after Jesse Lingard’s quickly taken free-kick catches Arsenal out.

    DERMOT’S VERDICT: Correct decision, goal.

    DERMOT SAYS: The players obviously want to take it quick and as I said at the time of the West Brom-Brighton incident, if the players want a ceremonial free-kick, the referee is going to take control of it and delay that situation. He is going to want to have everything in order before he restarts.

    If a player wants to take a quick free-kick, yes you can go quickly, but bear in mind that if that ball strikes one of those Arsenal defenders and then goes out for a throw-in, don’t come saying they are not 10 yards because you had taken that opportunity.

    And Lingard saw that opportunity, he has obviously said quickly to the referee [Jon Moss] “can I go?” The referee is happy that he can go in in those circumstances and it has resulted in a goal and there was nothing wrong with what they did.

    The situation is he [Moss] is going into that situation thinking it is going to be a ceremonial free-kick, but Lingard looks at him and then bang, it is gone, the referee is quite happy to let him go.

    But if it goes wrong, the referee then is going to say, ‘You took that chance, I can’t then allow you to have a ceremonial free kick afterwards.”

    preview image 3:14
    FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from the 3-3 draw between West Ham and Arsenal.

    INCIDENT: A foul is given in the buildup to Arsenal’s second goal at the London Stadium, but was it given the right way?

    DERMOT’S VERDICT: Correct decision, no foul on Bowen.

    DERMOT SAYS: This comes down to how subjective football is – is there a foul on Bowen? If the answer is yes , it should be a West Ham free-kick, if the answer is no, once Bowen goes down and handles the ball, it is going to be an Arsenal free-kick.

    So it all comes down to Moss’s view of that incident – has he committed a foul? He says “no”, so Arsenal have the free-kick because Bowen actually handled the ball when he went down, play goes on, they score again after a quick free-kick.

    Celtic 1-1 Rangers

    Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher discusses whether Celtic forward Odsonne Edouard should have been awarded a penalty in their 1-1 draw with Rangers.

    INCIDENT: Odsonne Edouard is booked for simulation rather than a penalty being awarded in the Old Firm clash.

    DERMOT’S VERDICT: Correct decision, no penalty and yellow card.

    DERMOT SAYS: It is interesting as you talk to all sorts of pundits and one says penalty and one says not! If the referee [William Collum] is not going to give a penalty then he has to book him for diving and he felt there was minimal contact, he went down too easily and dived. It is difficult to tell, but the referee has the best view as he is looking at the player and he sees the knees buckling, which would not suggest it is a trip.

    In defence of Edouard, he sees the contact coming and anticipates it, but the defender [Borna Barisic] pulls out and it is not a penalty and he is always then going to yellow card him.

    preview image 3:25
    Highlights of the Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park.

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