What West Ham showed on big screens during Arsenal hiding was utterly baffling

What West Ham showed on the big screens inside the London Stadium during the Arsenal hiding was utterly baffling.

It wasn’t just the West Ham management and players who need to hang their heads in shame after the 6-0 drubbing to Arsenal.

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon but West Ham fans have very little love or affection for their team right now.

Arsenal tore the Hammers apart in one of the most spineless, meek and insipid performances in the club’s Premier League history.

And there’s been a fair few on that particular list down the years.

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What West Ham showed on screens during hiding was baffling

Arsenal cantered into a 4-0 lead before half-time to leave the London Stadium in stunned silence.

Thousands of West Ham fans had seen enough and decided to illustrate their disgust by walking out en masse.

But what West Ham showed on big screens during the Arsenal hiding was utterly baffling.

As supporters stormed out of the stadium, someone behind the scenes at West Ham – in their infinite wisdom – thought it would be clever to beam live aerial footage from outside the ground showing the departing droves on the London Stadium’s two giant screens at either end of the ground.

The footage appeared on the screens while the game was still going on, leaving those still inside the ground bemused and incredulous.

Not only did it give Arsenal fans more glee as they took great pleasure in mocking their hosts.

But it was hardly the further distraction West Ham’s players needed as they half-heartedly closed out a disastrous first half.

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Live footage of mass walkout beamed on giant TVs during play

The car crash moment was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back for many. Fans felt like they were being mocked and ridiculed by their own club. And many more headed for the exits as a result.

Quite what the club was thinking is anyone’s guess. But they clearly realised their error of judgement as the images flashed up before being hastily removed when fans erupted in anger.

Perhaps whoever is in control of such things is an Arsenal fan like many of the stewards sporting big grins around West Ham’s rented accommodation?

The moment summed up West Ham’s afternoon and 2024 so far. Only West Ham could go into a new year riding the crest of a wave and looking in fine shape on and off the pitch to then collapse into a state of disarray from top to bottom.

A coveted technical director being undermined in the transfer window, a manager who has divided the fanbase into two bickering factions, a disjointed squad and team who look bereft of ideas, a training ground barely fit for purpose and fans being antagonised from within their own club during matches.

Talk about kicking a fan when they’re down.

It’s not just Moyes and his team who owe the supporters an apology.


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